Critical Tips for Painting a Classic Colonial-Style Home

, Critical Tips for Painting a Classic Colonial-Style Home, GoPaint

The distinct features of Colonial architecture include the gabled roof, shuttered windows, and the clapboard siding. These homes are stately, and they deserve an exterior paint color scheme that represents their historical era as well as their dignified appearance.

Creating the Color Scheme

When choosing paint colors for any project, it is important that the colors you choose complement one another. Their relationship on the color wheel should not be too visually separated. This is especially true when choosing exterior paint color schemes. While you want a little bit of contrast, the colors that you choose should never seem like they belong on two separate homes.

If you are a fan of bright and bold colors, you will want to save them for the accents when painting the exterior of your home. They should be pops of color so that they do not overwhelm the eyes and stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood.

Use the lighter color in your design scheme as an enhancer. These colors will play up the texture of the materials, but for those areas that you want to downplay, a darker color is recommended. It is a good idea to get a few color swatches of any of the color schemes that you are considering. You will want to consider them for several days in all the different light levels before hiring a painter in Victoria to start the work.

At Go Paint, we can help with the decision-making process. We have painted the exteriors of a lot of homes in Victoria, and we know a thing or two about color design. Our team members are happy to add some insightful input into the choices.

Classic Colonial Paint Colors

There are a few color schemes that turn up often on the exterior of Colonial style homes. These choices are common because they suit the architectural design of the house as well as the historical era of the style.

Consider painting the exterior of your Colonial style home in one of the following:

  • Mossy green for the main body of the home and a dark blue that is just shy of navy on the shutters. The trim should be a nice, crisp white.
  • A light and creamy brown for the main body of the home with a deeper brown for the shutters. The trim should be somewhere between off-white and vellum.

If you would like more inspiration on colors for your Colonial-style home, you may want to check out the Williamsburg collection of paints created by Benjamin Moore. The paint company worked with the historians at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, creating a line of hues that are true to the pigments used in the 18th century.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to start your exterior paint project in Victoria, give Go Paint a call! We can provide the services you need. When you need a pro, call Go!

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